January 12, 2023


Virtual round table January 8, 2023

The Alliance of International Production Centers for Puppet Theatre invites you to the regular virtual round table. In a relaxed atmosphere we exchange ideas with guests from the networks of Westflügel Leipzig, Schaubude Berlin and FITZ Stuttgart on changing topics.

Topic on February 8, 20:00:
Reflecting on artistically integrated audio description (AD) and other tools on the way to barrier-free puppet theater.

How can audio description and tactile tours become everyday practice?We ask experts: Is an AD possible for every production or are there content-related, aesthetic limits?What speaks for an open, what for a closed AD? What needs to be considered in a tactile tour? What does the collaboration between artists, AD experts and/or people with blindness and visual impairment look like, for example? What do the participants want from each other? We are looking forward to your questions and expertise.

With guests from the networks of Westflügel Leipzig, Schaubude Berlin and FITZ Das Theater animierter Formen Stuttgart

Invited are:

Anke Nicolai/Nicolai Audiodeskription (expert and consultant for audiodescription)
Felix Koch (musician, performer and AD author)
Artisanen (puppeteer duo).

The meeting takes place online as a video chat on Zoom and is free of charge and open to all, but the number of participants is limited. After registering at ticket@schaubude.berlin you will be sent a link to participate.

Accessibility information:
The event will be held using the Zoom video chat programme. Zoom can be controlled via the keyboard and supports common screen readers. Contrast and font sizes can be adjusted individually. Detailed information on the accessibility of Zoom can be found here.