February 10, 2022


Save The Date - FIGURE IT OUT

Copyright: Robert Voss

The international production centre for puppet theatre Westflügel invites you to come to Leipzig, Germany to join FIGURE IT OUT, an international meeting on figure theatre plus showcase from June 8th to June 12th 2022!

Originally planned for October 2020 we feel 2022 is our lucky year when it will finally happen: A weekend with a dense program from the areas of puppetry, object, street and visual theatre, accompanied by round tables, sight-seeing and a diverse off program. Most productions are aimed at an adult audience, accompanied by productions for children and families. The performances will be in English (and in some cases mixed or without any language).

With over 15 productions Westflügel Leipzig looks back on over 15 years of work and offers insights into the productions of recent years. Performances by Wilde & Vogel (Leipzig), Lehmann und Wenzel (Leipzig), Christoph Bochdansky (Vienna), Golden Delicious (Nice/Tel Aviv), flunker produktionen (Wahlsdorf) and many more await you. FIGURE IT OUT?! is aimed equally at a specialist audience and a broader public, at the scene of puppetry and old acquaintances – but also at those who want to familiarize themselves with today’s puppet theatre and Westflügel for the first time.

The exact program will be published during the next weeks at www.westfluegel.de/en.

Special events are being considered for festival organizers and other specialist audiences in order to get in exchange about recent developments in contemporary figure theatre. In some cases we can cover the costs incurred in certain areas such as travel expenses or accommodation. Please contact us for further information. If you are interested to participate please send an email to the organizer team Jessica Hölzl and Julia Lehmann via projekt@westfluegel.de

See you soon at Westflügel Leipzig!